Is It Time To Buy Or Sell In The Grand Valley?
​Only if you have PUC-UP
What is PUC-UP?  2000 years ago in a land far away, there was a man named Nimrod who had an incredible dream. He proclaimed “Let’s build a tower to the heavens and become gods.”  He shared his vision and purpose with the people; they got excited and wanted to join in.

When all the people began to work in unity the tower began to be erected like a national monument.  It was a quick and powerful movement that got the attention of God.  In fact, God said, “If the people are in unity, speak the same language, and have a purpose, there’s nothing they can’t do.” (Gen. 11:16)

That is PUC-UP:  Purpose, Unity and Communication = Unlimited Potential

Whether you believe this Genesis story or think it’s just a fable, the moral of the story is true; if you have purpose, unity and communication, anything is possible. 

Now, I know your real estate portfolio will never make you a god.  However, Nimrod understood the unlimited potential of our human endeavors when these three strategies are implemented:

1.    You must have a purpose for your vision
2.    You must work in unity with the people involved
3.    You must be able to communicate your vision effectively 

When our four daughters left the nest, my wife, June, and I realized it was time to scale down.  After selling the large home we raised the girls in, we caught a new vision.

We found a piece of property that I thought would be a great investment and perfect for our purpose.  June, was not so sure, as it needed quite a lot of updating.  After showing her the property four different times and explaining the details of updating and modernizing this 1988 home with a new open floor plan, contemporary design features, captivating view windows and cozy living spaces, we came into unity on the decision and moved forward.

Our vision for the project:
1.    Open-up the floor plan for large family gatherings yet create a cozy and efficient living environment for the two of us.
2. Modernize every aspect of the property with the latest finishes and technology for future resale and current comfort.
3.   Clear overgrown brush, trees and undergrowth. Renovate the landscape to create a park-like setting where our 11 grandchildren could venture outside for soccer, flashlight tag, or hit golf balls.

June and I began to organized our thoughts on floorplan, kitchen, baths, outdoors, etc.  Once we had a good vision of what we wanted the house to look like and a list of specifications, we were ready to start the project.

We shared the vision with the family and low and behold, the troops united, even the grandchildren came to remove layers upon layers of old wallpaper.  Friends were offered old murphy beds and cabinets if they’d come get them.  We hired family friends, Ronnie and Matt Bonds to help tear down walls and remove old floor tiles.  The next thing we knew a demolition crew came and removed all the old kitchen cabinets and Ronnie set up a business on EBay selling all the repurposed fixtures, lumber and cabinets from the old house. 

Once the demolition was complete, we found a fantastic builder, the “Joanna Gaines” of Grand Junction, Katie Lewis, owner of Signature Homes.  She grabbed our vision and worked very hard to help us accomplish our goals.  She was efficient, creative, stayed in budget and finished on time.  Not to mention she was positive and fun to work with.

We now have, not only a beautiful and efficient home, but a place where our large family gathers regularly and after a small land split of the original 10 acres…  a great investment!

I’m not saying this project was a picnic everyday.  However, when we all kept the final purpose in mind it made decisions, emotions, and the work go much smoother.  Because, this is how PUC-UP works.

Purpose + Unity + Communication = Unlimited Potential

It’s always a good time to invest in you and your family’s future. Now is particularly a good time to sell that old dream and move up with a new vision and purpose for the future. 

If you have a vision for a home, investment property, or piece of land, or would like to catch one of mine, I’d love to hear your story.  You can call me today at 970-250-5100.  In the meantime, please click the tab below to view some of the photos from this amazing project!

Stay tuned for our latest adventure with a vintage, historic home!

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